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Free Flickr account is finished? Here are 5 best Flickr alternatives for free photo storage online

Best options for photo storage for non-technical folks and non-pro photographers. My down-to-Earth explanation how to protect your holiday photos forever. And for free too! But I listed best paid options as well.

Maybe you got that drenched email about reducing my Flickr account to 1,000 photos or videos. I got one yesterday. What? That’s like stories 1/5 of photos form my recent weekend to Okinawa. Seriously. Flickr – you lose your mojo. Goodbye.

Now… what that goodbye mean. You can actually stay in Flickr and upgrade to Pro account, which will set you back $2.95 US per month, meaning $35.40 per year to keep all your photos and videos as they are. Or you can say goodbye to tricky little people in Flicker and find yourselves a new photo-home.

Options are plenty, several free ones. If you include that your budget is under what Flickr demand – there are several paid options as well. Let’s look to alternative for your $35.40 yearly fee (!) for Flickr.

Google, oh yes that our little friend provide free storage for all your photos. Trick is they will not be kept in original size, but resized to large size. Which is 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution. To present that in numbers 16MP photos can be printed to 24 inches x 16 inches in full resolution (300dpi) and they will look sharp. In pixel size those large photo are 4920 x 3264px – and you can unlimited store all your memories. This is great option i think and i use it. I also have this app on my mobile and it set to backup all camera photos overnight, which is another reason why I think this is the top option to go for. Plus I keep external hard-drive and my free bonus backup at the end of article.

2GB (one week holiday of photos worth) is free with basic account. For something more normal size, like 1TB, you need to pay $9.99 per month, which is with yearly discount $99, still almost 3 times more than Flickr. Point is you can store any kind of files and storage is fast to download, you can check all files form mobile app, but again, come at the price.

— FROM $69.99 — Microsoft OneDrive
This is your better choice per price, as its similar to Dropbox, but coast $69.99 (yes, not 70 yet Microsoft, tah!) for same 1TB. All similar features as Dropbox. There are another option out there but none is as professionally built as Dropbox, neither as cheap as Microsoft OneDrive, so i stick to mention only these two.

Yes, you can pick external hard-drive for that money. Mean you have your own hard-drive to store all your photos and video and keep them at home. Check them here at Amazon, starting form $49 for 1TB Toshiba drive. I warmly recommend you to buy some normal brand as need to be reliable. Friend of my gone for some Chinese ‘famous’ brand and it stopped working after a year. I picked Toshiba and for the last 10 years and 3 drives dragged around the world, all still function specialty. Make sure that have USB 3.0 for fast transfer. Make it cheaper than year fee on above services, but again, you can lose drive and all your photos gone, right. Well, that’s why you buy drive AND use my bonus option below:

Bonus option! This is my another way to backup. our grandma have good pc and she love spending time on it, not doing much thought. Playing games, watching YoutTube, sometime writing emails. Anyway, she LOVE to watch our photos and videos, so each time we visit her, i just bring my hard-drive and move ALL, but yes, all to her PC hard-drive. She is very happy with it as she can spend hours browsing them and I now that there is one more alternative where my precious memories are stored. Free, easy and efficient. Just make sure to exclude any folder with party photos, or similar with ‘restricted access’. Those just keep on your Google Photo App as private for you. Not that I have many anyway.

My system is – daily move from camera to laptop. Nightly backup to Google Photos App in large size, so its unlimited photos storage. When I got home from trip, backup to external hard-drive. Every three months or so we visit grandma and she get all photos on her PC. At the same time I was moving all to Flickr too, but now I think I will keep only Google Photos App, no need for another charge and complications with Flickr.

Please remember that deadline to remove all your photos and video over 1,000 is set by Flickr for 9th of February 2019. So before Valentine’s Day – indeed they don’t love us anymore…

Don’t worry, pick the option you like the most from above and go for it. Don’t delay on backup your memories. When you get older those as worth more than gold. Well, I love them now too.

Below: on Amalfi Coast trip we met this ginger cat that was quietly sitting on the stairs and enjoying the view. She was adorable. Just one of those photos I wish to preserve forever.