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Flying tip no.1 – book A380 – and nothing else – on your next trip out to tranquility.

Why I fly only on a380?

Please don’t laugh. It’s true. When flying intercontinental, I fly only on Airbus a380 aircraft That’s it. Price? Who cares. It’s not cheapest for sure, but the value you will get from your flight is – incomparable.

Let me explain please.


This is like flight fortress with 5 star hotel inside. No joking. Not to get into my writing and you disbelieve me, just look at pictures below. This are photos from a380 cabins you can book From amazing apartments and first class cabins which have shower and full bathroom on board to even ordinary economy class that is amazing. As plane si huge, there is a plenty of space for everyone and you can enjoy it. Business class is your best experience as you can enjoy full bar on flight. Therefore you can stretch your legs and go to sip on your favorite cocktail and exchange travel stories with other high flyers.


This plane is amazingly quiet. You won’t believe you are actually flying. The best option is if you are on top deck as than you are even further from engines and really you can not hear anything, just calm swoosh and slow feeling of movement. Amazing. I still remember when i sit on small prop plane for local flight in Eastern Europe. Gosh, i could not talk to my partner. It was crazy loud. And rough flight too. But a380 is like no other plane, I think its 40% more quiet by data, but I think its like 80% in real life.

What its mean to you is – good night of sleep. Yes, you will have a good rest till your next destination. Considering that this huge airplane is moving very slowly and don’t usually get rocked by some turbulence. You can really rest and enjoy sleep. That’s why booking flight on a380 overnight is like a good night rest in hotel, so you arrive to your destination fresh and chill to start a day. OK, that’s there is unbeaten value for me. If you arrive by another plane, you have to come day early and rest one night in hotel to be fresh for meeting. Not if you arrived on a380. And if you can day early – you lose one day. Therefore by my view, each time you fly on a380 you get a day back to your life. Thanks Airbus.


As you already know flying is the safest type of transport, safer that your local bus. Yet we all experienced some discomfort at least for a few seconds while int he air. Well, step into the new world. There is no discomfort on a380. Seriously. This plane is so big that you just feel like floating all the time. There is no feeling of drops or tubrubanle. For sure there are turbulence, but they don’t feel anything like on any other plane. I was once on trip from Singapore to Sydney on a380 and we had really, really bad weather. So bad that stewardess could not roll out carts for the whole time of flight. Really. They had to serve us food by bringing on hands food to each of us. Outside was storm raging and plane was hit many times by turbulence and shakes, it was like on a roller-coaster. Yet, all moves felt slowed down and muted, rather than violent. you could really relax and enjoy night, even that we didn’t get too much sleep i have to admit. But it if there was any other plane i would feel extremely uncomfortable. I could say fear. But not here -amazing plane and of course great Singapore Airline stuff made it feel like a fun adventure.

There was no any serious air accident with a380 since airplane started flying. There was one – when Quantas a380 lost engine – yes, the whole engine fall off (c’mon Aussies, how you can loose engine!). Yet., plane continued to fly just normal and super-professional Quantas crew landed plane without any trouble back to Singapore. You can watch episode about this on YouTube. Anyway¬† if you are scared of flying – or – you just love to know you are in the most secure plane ever (like me), you should just book a380. Nothing else.


All caries that fly a380 are exceptional good. And as this is most expensive and biggest airline, they will provide topnotch experience. There is no a380 in low-cost airlines Рok, there is one now flying with Hi Fly, so you may experience a380 even on some charter flight with tourist group, but really Рif you want pleasurable flgiht with good service, booking a380 is great option. This is another reason why i sue it, as nothing more annoying than when you go to holiday and they lost your luggage. Happen to me as they left my luggage behind, so i had to ask them to move luggage to meet me in 2 days at Cannes airport. Thing is, i arrived in hiking boots to Europe in middle of summer and nothing else to wear! They did provided me with 50 euros per day compensation which gone toward tongs and hotel had a great cosmetics, so I survived. Anyway Рif you love to be nurtured and feel that you holiday start from the moment you walk into the airport Рbook flight on a380.  Check below on how.

Book flights on A380

Airbus setup nice little website to allow you to explore when you can travel on a380. Website also feature interesting information about aircraft so you can get familiar with the biggest passenger airplane in the world – and all the amazing things you can enjoy, such as on board bar in business class. They also have social wall where you can check all new posts in Instagram with a380 tags.

In general to book, your best bet is Emirates. They have the most a380-tis in service and very well serve from Asia to middle east and north america. I took numerous flight with Emirate. If you connecting through Dubai to Europe, you can chose many location to which they will fly on a380, from Vienna to Barcelona or London. My favorite flight on a380 is Air France form Paris to LA. Its a 14-hours flight, but they serve amazing food (French know it, right) and service and environment are stylish and very calming. In true French style with your meal you will get choice of amazing tasting baguettes.

Don’t hesitate. I always love that feeling of plane climbing after takeoff. You look outside and no matter what kind of weather ti is, suddenly you break through the clouds and there is sunshine and totally clam sky above weather. Such a tranquility that give you feeling of starting something new. Leaving all (and weather) behind and when you land – you can choose to do whatever you want. New start, right now. Book yourself new window to a world and new ideas, new people, new challenges, new world – on the same planet.

Happy discovering.