Endless Summer Love – Amalfi Coats, Italy – The only place you need to visit for holiday. Ever.

Italy is one of the countries that have it all. And no, I don’t mean just on Gucci dresses and Sergio Rossi pumps, but on locations. You can go from snowy mountains to beautiful beaches in only a few hours of drive on curvy roads between picturesque villages. If there is one country in the world, where you want to enjoy holidays, its Italy. No surprise that Rome presented one of the most visited cities in the world for ages. Also there is no surprise that Italian celebrities usually spend their holidays lounging around Amalfi Coast.

Beautiful sandy beaches, lined up with blue, white and orange umbrellas. Cold lemon cake and unbelievable rich espresso served in local restaurants. Curvy roads that will make tires screech on your vintage cabrio. Seductive views from hotel room windows on the hottest evenings. relaxed, down to earth people chatting with smile. Small grocery shops with freshest vegetables you ever seen. And don’t forget to stop on the little rest area while driving form San Cosma, there is a local guy making delicious fresh orange juice on small cart. If you ask him nicely he will let you squeeze cup for yourself, which is one of my favorite memories.

Seriously, there is no place on Earth like this. From gorgeous food, hotels, beaches, hikes to lost little villages and their quiet churches. There is no better place to holiday. From jet-set parties to perfect isolation spots – you have it all. Therefore if you planning your next holiday – do not hesitate, Amalfi is the place to be. You will NEVER regret.

Photos featured below are from Unsplash, I will add proper credits in a few days, just to get a chance. Yet, above photo is my own, taken while visiting Amalfi in 2012. It’s one of my favorite as it was a perfect windy summer night I will never forget. See you there.